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About Us

About Us

Who are we and why do we do coffee is an existential question that has come to haunt us in the recent months. We say haunt us, (in the most delightful way, of course) because, to begin with we had nothing more than love and passion for coffee. Now that has become a lot more. We have come to understand the business, the people involved, the communities, the industry and consumers and everything else that makes coffee so loved. It has become more than a business, more than a passion for us. (Okay, we are now officially twiddling our thumbs, while sipping on some Red Honey, our single estate coffee, while we wait for the words to flow.)

Some 12 hours later…

Let’s leave that question to the philosophers and the hapless HR managers of our previous firms. The universe, in the most contrived manner, brought together three very disparate people, who have nothing but zest for life, the zeal to serve you the most amazing coffee and are blessed with great taste-buds to choose those very coffees. We have come together to bring you possibly the best coffees you have ever tasted!

This journey has been sort of transformational for us. From being absolute lovers of South Indian Filter Coffee (or kapi if you like), we have now grown to an evolved palate (if we can say that…) learning to respect and appreciate other forms of coffee. Worst of all, sometimes even being benevolent towards instant yuk coffee! That is part of the essay, we suppose.

We have kicked off our journey with 6 delightful blends of coffee. (Actually, all our favourite blends of coffee) We soon hope to brew other world class blends and bring you the finest coffee equipment, thereby giving you an absolutely, fantabulous coffee experience.

Until then, keep sipping, keep getting inspired.