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Coffee and Diwali. A tradition hard to break.

Coffee and Diwali. A tradition hard to break.

The festival of lights is almost here. This also means, the winter is almost here. And what better way to welcome the onset of the colder months than with a piping hot mug of #coffee!

Down south the festival is #Diwali is incomplete without cups of hot South Indian Filter Coffee.
Just as much as an oil bath is a tradition there, so is a cup of good #filtercoffee. While mothers may be keen to go about their routines of making sweets, savouries, and food for the family, one of her eyes is also keenly focused on her children having “oil-baths”. While many times this is passed off as tradition, there is also merit in the fact that this “tradition” helps keep the skin from drying and cracking open.

Once this ritual is done, it’s time for new clothes and crackers. (BTW, if you want to burst crackers, please try and not scare animals, especially pets with loud crackers) In between all this excitement, most households will have an endless supply of piping hot coffee going out to members of the family. The cold winter mornings, warmed up by the excitement of the festivities and hot cups of coffee is a feeling that’s quite indescribable.

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