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We all appreciate our first morning cup of coffee, whether it’s an espresso shot, frothy cappuccino, flat white or Americano. As you take that first sip of the day, have you ever stopped to ponder about where your beans come from?

Let BeanSong Coffee take you on a journey, to try your favourite caffeine kick at source. Want to join? We are talking curated tours to Bali- Indonesia, Chikmagalur, Coorg, Costa Rica. Did we pique your interest? Talk to us now on 9876543210.

With our coffee tours, you can observe the entire process first-hand to get more in-depth, expert knowledge about coffee, from the farming process to insights on the global coffee industry. Plus, you’ll get to experience the local coffee culture and take part in tasting sessions.

We are kicking off our Coffee Trails with tours in India. But as soon as we can travel abroad, you can look forward to our trails in other coffee growing districts of the world too.