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The 3-day Chikmagalur Trail

The 3-day Chikmagalur Trail


Chikmagalur, the coffee land of Karnataka is a four- and half-hour drive from Bangalore.Well-connected roads make it a pleasant drive to the hill station. Scenic roads, green landscapes and historical places make the journey even more pleasurable. Enroute, on the Chikmagalur-Javagal highway, is the beautiful temple town of Belavadii which is home to the famous national heritage site of Veeranarayana Temple. Known as Ekachakranagara, Belavadi is said to be the place where the Pandava Prince Bheema is supposed to have killed the demon Bakasura.

Just 29 km from Belvadi is Chikmagalur. After checking in, the afternoon is qualitatively spent at the Coffee Board’s Museum, introducing you to the history of Indian coffee, cultural practices, tradition, technology, and other aspects related to health and sustainability. While you are there, do try the local gold nectar “AAA-grade Arabica, medium-roasted and freshly ground, no chicory”.

Day 02: Chikmagalur   -   Mullayanagiri  - Baba Budan Giri

Morning after breakfast, proceed to visit  Mullayanagiri, is the highest peak of Karnataka, located in the Bababudangiri range. Then visit the shrine/temple at Baba Budangiri.

Late afternoon experience a guided Coffee plantation tour. Chikmagalur is where coffee was first cultivated in India and it still produces some of the country’s finest beans. These seeds—fragrant Arabica—took root easily in this sweet spot of heavy rainfall and high altitude.

We will give you general introduction to the world of coffee, over a cup of craft coffee. You will learn about the origin and history of coffee, the worldwide distribution, the different coffee varieties and qualities, as well as about the aromas and properties of coffee.

After the perfect cup and full of energy, the interactive tour continues with a walk through the plantation to learn more about the growing and harvesting. After you picked your own beans, (November – March) you will visit the wet mill and drying yards to learn about coffee processing. As roasting is both a science and art - you will have the chance to taste and see the beans with different grades of roasting to experience the different aromas, as the roasting brings out the aroma and flavour that is locked inside the green coffee beans. Enter our extensive lab to see where we test and develop our coffees and blends to bring you our final packages of speciality, gourmet coffees to brew in your homes.  

Day 03: Chikmagalur   -   Bangalore

After breakfast, drive back to Bangalore…. Refreshed and rejuvenated