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Corporate solutions

Corporate solutions

What can we offer cafés and F&B outlets?

We are happy to offer you a wide range of services that can help you with your beverage solutions.
If you are a workspace, no matter what size, we can assist you with your coffee and other beverage offerings.


If you are in the luxury-boutique hospitality space, we can create personalized blends, co-branded in-room-single-serve coffee solutions, and co-branded retail packs for a truly fantastic coffee experience for your guests.


We are happy to partner with gourmet stores, upmarket retail chains, or any F&B outlet that has a retail plan with a customer base that appreciates non-mass, specialty coffee.


For events we can help with tailor-made menus, bespoke coffee evenings, running coffee counters, literary festivals, music festivals, tech talks & conferences, book and travel clubs. Best of all, our team of skilled baristas will ensure the smooth functioning of the coffee stall/service at these events.


We would be super thrilled to curate gift boxes comprising of our coffees, merchandise, and other interesting gift ideas. Not just that, we can facilitate coffee brewing /cupping sessions or coffee appreciation programs for your teams too! How cool is that.

Do reach out to us at or feel free to write in to