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Gifts for the world’s best sister

Gifts for the world’s best sister


If your sister is a coffee fanatic like we are, you’ve come to the right place for gifting solutions!

Not only do we sell a variety of specialty coffee, but creative solutions happen to be right up our alley too.

New, flavourful and unique coffee blends

At Bean Song, we offer 7 blends of hand-picked specialty coffee. Our coffee appeases the taste buds of even the harshest critics, leaving them in an aromatic and flavoured trance!

Take your pick from our standard coffee grinds or the ever-efficient single serve drip bags that are each available in 7 different blends.

Accessories to enable her caffeine addiction!

A portable coffee tumbler or a sustainable coffee mug might just be the perfect accessory for a regular coffee consumer.

The coffee mug by Bean Song Coffee is the ideal solution, made from coffee husk, this product is sustainable and just the right size for a quick caffeine fix.

Caffeine related Skincare

Not only is coffee the perfect remedy for a slow and lethargic day, but it also works miracles for the skin!

There are a wide range of skincare products to browse through, ranging from scrubs and face washes to moisturisers and sunscreens. These products can be found from popular brands like MCaffeine to smaller brands like Svashudhi.

Appliances to enjoy the process

If your sister enjoys the process of making herself the perfect cup of coffee, there are a few appliances that could make that process a lot more enjoyable!

A handy frother, the efficient drip machine, an elegant french press or if you feel like going big, you could also splurge on an espresso machine!

Big or small, it’s the thought and effort and flavour that counts!